Dog Treats

These treats make a great snack for car rides, as a reward and for training. Our new re-sealable bags make these tasty treats convenient to take with you anywhere.


Beef Heart Treat

Beef heart is enriched with omega fatty acids 3&6. They work in the body to help with functionality of the brain, boost metabolism and improve the immune system. Heart is also rich in iron, vitamins and minerals and protein, making heart a well-rounded tasty treat your dog will love.

Available in a 60g package, or in bulk.

$8.25 /pkg

$49.50 /lb





Beef Jerky

Our tasty beef jerky is naturally rich with protein and has very little fat. Our re-sealable bags make this treat easy to take with you anywhere for a short time chew treat.

Available in a 70g package, or in bulk.

$   7.00 /pkg

$ 18.00 /1 lb

$ 45.00 /3 lbs  SPECIAL





Beef & Niblet Treat

Our beef and veal niblets are low in fat and full of meat protein. They are a great combination of small pieces from both our beef chew and veal chew, making it a great choice for small dogs. The niblets provide a gentle cleaning of the teeth to keep the gums and teeth healthy and strong. This treat is a healthy and enjoyable pastime that your dog is sure to love.

Available in a 60g package, or in bulk.

$5.50 /pkg


Bulk Organza Bags


Small: $10.00

Large: $25.00





Beef Liver Treat

Our unique and natural beef liver treats are created to provide a healthy and nutritious snack for your dog that contains vitamins and minerals and nutrients. Liver is a great source of antioxidants, iron and protein. This treat is great for training and obedience, as it is easy to break off into pieces and has an aroma which dogs love.

Available in a 70g package, or in bulk.

$5.50 /pkg

$33.00 /lb





Beef Tripe Treat

Our unique natural tripe treat is enriched with natural and healthy digestive enzymes, vitamins and amino acids. Tripe is a great source of probiotics, which help to fight infections and enhances immunity. Tripe is healthy and rich with flavour. A treat that your dog is sure to love.

Available in a 60g package, or in bulk.

$5.50 /pkg

$35.00 /lb





NEW Certified Organic Beef Strips

Aron pet food is proud to offer our customers another quality treat guaranteed to be free from antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides and growth hormones. As always our unique natural process ensures the highest quality product, without the use of any natural or chemical preservatives.

Available in a 60g package, or in bulk.

$7.50 /pkg

$45.00 /lb




Rabbit Treat

NEW Rabbit Dog Treat

Introducing our NEW Rabbit Dog Treat. A quick delicious, nutritious, and all natural treat! We raise our own rabbits free range because it helps promote healthier muscle development! This means our rabbits have a higher protein content and reduced fat

Rabbit meat is a rich source of high quality protein. It is easily digested, low in calories, low in sodium and virtually cholesterol free. Low cholesterol helps aid in healthier cardio function, a more active lifestyle, and aids in a better metabolism.

Because we ground the rabbit whole -bone in- our rabbit treat is also high in phosphorous, calcium, and selenium!

Available in a 60g package, or in bulk.

$    9.00 /pkg

$  49.00 /lb