At Aron Pet Food, we know your concerns when you are looking for a chewing treat for your dog. We have dedicated our work to our friend the dog and we would like to point out the most important benefits of Beef Chew.

  • Beef Chew is pure beef – many other chew products are made from beef or pork waste which is hard to digest and can be a threat to your dog’s health.
  • Beef Chew has no preservatives – many other products contain natural preservatives such as salt or smoke that are not beneficial to the health of your dog. Even worse, many products contain large amounts of chemical preservatives.
  • Beef Chew does not splinter – many other products, even so-called “natural” products, can splinter and damage your dog’s gums or teeth, and may be fatal to puppies or older dogs.
  • Beef Chew has high nutritional value – most other chewing products have low or no nutritional value. If swallowed, the other products can result in digestive problems.
  • Beef Chew adds the necessary meat demand which is replaced by many dog foods with vegetable protein and grain.
  • Beef Chew guarantees hours of real chewing Beef Chew simulates the natural feeding behaviour which is missing in today’s soft or dry food.

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