Our Story

aronpetIn 1990, I realized that I had something special for the world of dogs that no one else could offer. For generations, my family in Austria had made its own “beef chew” for their dogs and when I moved to Canada, I discovered there wasn’t a product on the market in North America that offered the quality of my “family recipe”. I formed a company in Abbotsford, B.C., called ARON PET FOOD and began to manufacture the doggy delights that I called simply “Beef Chew.” Beef Chew is made from 100% pure beef. It does not contain any beef by-products, does not contain any additives or preservatives, is low in fat and is fully digestible.

The need for a product such as Beef Chew was confirmed at a trade show where we were swamped with positive feedback and hundreds of orders for Beef Chew. Aron Pet Food now sells to pet supply wholesalers throughout North America from our plants in British Columbia.

Our competitors have tried to copy Beef Chew, however, none of the copies have been able to duplicate our product nor gain Beef Chews’ level of acceptance by dog owners and veterinarians. We can proudly claim that there are hundreds of veterinarians who exclusively carry and recommend Beef Chew because of its nutritional quality and safe “chewability”.

If you are still not convinced of Beef Chew’s superiority, I suggest you compare it to other chew products on the market. You will find Beef Chew is the most nutritional, safest, and best value chew product on the market today.

Try Aron’s Beef Chew. I guarantee you and your dog will love it.

Josef Straner, Founder
Aron Pet Food