Raven is enjoying her chew stick.

She always looks forward to her visit with you.

- Jeannette Smart
I purchased some of the beef chews for my 5 dogs and they loved it! Best of all, it did not stain their long white coats. - Ginnette Bourdeau
I think it would be good to order 20 packages of veal chews. It is her only pleasure since she went blind. - Victory Grund
I just wanted to let you know your beef chews are the best on the market. I've tried all the other brands and always come back to yours. I do pug rescue and I always send my rescue kids to their new homes with one of your beef chews and tell their new humans not to waste their money on trying other brands.Thanks for a wonderful product! - Chrys Lapinski, WA State Pug Rescue
img03 I (we) have been a huge fan of your beef chews since cooper was a puppy. He loves them so much he's even willing to share! - Lyn Lewis

Hello from the owner of a Beef Chew lover.

Our newest addition to our family, Peter, a B&T Coonhound, was adopted from the SPCA about 5 weeks ago. He is approximately a year old and a very big boy. About a week after bringing him home, I went to our local pet store in our little town and had no idea what to get for him, as he was new, and we were still trying treats out. I got him a Beef Chew and he LOVED it. He freaked out over this thing. It is by far his favourite treat. This makes our local pet store happy because I keep coming back for more. Thank you.

- Candra Miller
img01Lola and Teddy sharing a beef chew. - Nancy Craddock
We have been buying your FABULOUS Beef Chews for almost a year now. When we adopted Finnigan as a puppy, we searched everywhere for a chewing treat that would be good for him. When we found Beef Chews, we knew that this was it! I swear that your excellent product got our Finnigan through his 'puppy chewing' stage happily - with all of our furniture & shoes intact! Now that he's almost full grown, he still gets his Beef Chew, and every time we unwrap one for him, he is absolutely vibrating with wagging anticipation. It's great to be able to offer him a good chewing treat that keeps him busy & happy. I also have a feeling that the fibrousness of the gnawed Beef Chew also helps to clean his teeth! I have happily recommended Beef Chew to lots of dog owners. Thanks for making such an excellent product for us 'dog parents' & our 'fur-kids'! - Jen & Finnigan
The package arrived & the dogs were going crazy smelling the box. All I can say is you have a wonderful product! I'm going to give a few of my friends with dogs one to see what they do when they start chewing this new treat & healthy at that! - Debora Kollun
img04Just thought I would share a picture of lola 24 hours after her surgery. She was in a lot of pain and we had difficulty calming her down when we got home. As soon as we offered her one of your beef chews she settled right down. The chews have been a great distraction for her pain and we do not know what we would do without them. Thank you for making a wonderful, healthy treat for our furry friends! - Cam Craddock
I would like to thank you for coming out with such a wonderful product. Our dog was 8 months old and she was chewing on anything she could get her teeth into. She even took items off of the coffee table as I was running errands uptown. A few months ago I went to our local pet store and asked if they had a product that was good for my dog and to keep her busy chewing. They told me to try the Beef Chew. When I got home I gave my dog her Beef Chew and she has never been the same. For the last two months whenever I need to leave the house, I give her a Beef Chew and she has not chewed anything up again. It keeps her so busy and occupied. I thank you once again. - Sandy Nowosad, Drayton Valley, AB
Tugs and Sparky continue to enjoy your Veal Chews. Tugs is now 8 years (Shih Tzu) and Sparky is 4 years (Shih Tzu cross), but they both love their Chews equally! We cannot miss a day because they'll certainly let us know. Please don't stop mailing these or we'll have a rebellion on our hands! Keep up the good work! - Alan & Annette
We will be in your 'neck of the woods' this summer and I'm sure we will look you up, as the 'boys' wouldn't miss a chance to see how you make those delicious Chews! Oscar and Otis say 'Thank You'! They love your great Chews! - Cindy
img05Some pictures of my bullystickaholic. Draco has been having the beef chews since he was a pup until now. - Jay Di Martino
Just wanted to tell you what a raging success you chews are with Ripley, and I look forward to continued use of your product. Keep up the great work! - Margaret
Mandy, our two year oldscottie, always greets me at the door (jumping and barking) when I return from shopping. She knows she is going to get a treat. Yesterday, was the first time we tried your beef chew sticks. She was so enticed by her beef chew stick that nothing could take her away from it. Talk about a healthy, great tasting treat for my pet. - Diane
Just wanted to say thank you for making such a great beef chew stick. My 19 month old standard poodle doesn't chew bones or chew toys, but when I have him one of you beef chew sticks he was at it for hours!! He has thin tooth enamel plus he wolfs down his food so the gentle scraping he gets from the stick is perfect for helping to keep his teeth and gums healthy. - Conni